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Eddi-Lei’s ankle injury returns to doubtsThis season’s Green Bay packager has suffered injuries, the US time Sunday Green Bay package, the first package worker of the Seattle Hawks, the first package worker’s EDDIE LACY ankle was injured.

The contract of the eagle and Jason Pites have been extendedBeijing June 15th, the eagle left, the jason peters said that the sound of the restructuring of the contract is just that the team quickly let him pay. They extended the contract with Pites and will leave this effort to 2019.

At the same time, insider revealed that fen’s denim career will end. Before the season, the denim was signed for a period of 1 year, but with a contract with a 3-year extended option. Currently, the team will not choose after the season and he will continue to cooperate. Taking into account the contract of Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant will end after the season, the team will have to put a lot of money in both people. Therefore, cowboy will be difficult to meet the follow-up contracts of Myrton.

McCay is played in the past three games, giving the coach’s feeling is more smooth in Bigrifen and Cosstus to tactical implementation and offensive organization. He has achieved 1 win 3 negative (excluding the 7th week of Cove Sins), and 91.1% of the success rate of 91.1%), won 1057 yards 4 times Dalgate, 3 times of clams and 1 shin score.

In the Red Season, Peterson is a non-versatile talent. He is not just a defensive will be a defensive will be on the last season, he once represents the attack group, the defensive group and the special service group respectively. In the last season, he has also become a defensive player who has completed the pass and the ball in the single game since the 1970s.

All-star angle Wei Titson contingency is about the new high-salary annual salaryAfter a long negotiation and negotiation, Arizona’s rickets finally reached the contract with the team’s all-star corner Patrick Peterson. Peterson’s new contract is five years, with a total value of 70 million US dollars, including 48 million affordable contracts. After the completion of the renewal, Peterson’s annual salary will be as high as $ 14 million, which means Piteson has become the highest-rated corner of the alliance.

McCoo is only 13 files in the 14-week game, and the neck is injured in the neck. The Red Leather is currently four-guards, Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins ​​to deal with the remaining 2 games. Griffin I will send a battle city eagle in Saturday. The team coach said that he has not intended to add a player.

Dallas denim announced the defensive cut-off season reimbursementDallas denim will meet the terraries in the outer card, but today, today, it is a worry. The lion defensive disappearance is canceled after the appeal and will be played in the outer card after the appellation of the SUH. Cowboy’s defensive dish Henry – Henry Melton is not so lucky. Cowboy officially announced that Meilton is included in the injury reserve list, which means that this defensive will have an end of the playoffs.

He graduated from Pipeson of Louisiana State University, Louisiana, at the end of the team, was selected by the Arizona Sashla in the first round of the first round in 2011. Piteson entered the alliance to show his strong blockade defensive ability, with excellent performance, he quickly became the defensive backbone of the Red Season, is the team’s non-two candidates for the team. In the first three seasons in the career, Peterson completed 161 hugs and 12 cases, and three times were selected for Cheap Jerseys professional bowls, and they entered the best lineup.

“This means a lot, it ensures that I will be retired here, don’t have to turn around in the league. This is what they make sure I will stay here.” Pites said, “I love (boss Jeffery Lurie and this whole organization, there are Philadelphia, as well as those fans & hellip; & hellip; extended contracts just explained that they also love me. “

Cowboys announced on Tuesday, Meilton reimbursed due to the right knee injury season. At the age of 28, Meilton, who was brought to cowboy, and completed 5 kills, the column team second. Cowboy this season’s rushing performance is worrying, they need to find alternatives as soon as possible after losing Forton.

However, in the interview after the continuation, the Shuque Arians, Bruce Aria, has clearly said that he will not let Peterson will serve as an offensive task in the next season. In response to the coach, Peterson said support “I think this will make me more performance, because I don’t have to think about how to attack, try to remember our offense manual. I just need to focus on defense, I I think so, I will do it. “

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